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Here you can find the past editions of “Stories”, our quarterly newsletter. Thanks for praying for us and supporting our work!

Mike and Dana Zaharia

Oct 2010 Stories

December 2010 Stories

March 2011 Storie

June 2011 Stories

Oct 2011 Stories

May 2012 Stories

October 2012 Stories

April 2013 Stories



Aici puteți găsi edițiile trecute ale newsletter-ului nostru, ”Povestiri”. Mulțumim pentru rugăciunile voastre și pentru faptul că sprijiniți munca noastră!

Mike & Dana Zaharia

Octombrie 2010 Povestiri

Decembrie 2010 Povestiri

Martie 2011 Povestiri

Iunie 2011 Povestiri

Octombrie 2011 Povestiri

Mai 2012 Povestiri

Octombrie 2012 Povestiri

Aprilie 2013 Povestiri

2 Responses to Stories

  1. Vic Brown spune:

    Draga Mike si Dana,

    I send you love from your dear friends in UK. It warms my heart to see that you are doing what has always been on your heart – and which is your heart.

    This show in the stories – and in the images.

    May God give you the strength to continue doing this vital work. He will protect you – and strengthen you,

    Vic and Diana : Cumbria , UK

    • martzian spune:

      Dear Vic and Diana

      We share between our countries a word of wisdom saying: “What is born of a cat will catch mice”. We can’t do different than what we are, and it is nothing special in that. It is just part of our nature. God shared with us a piece of His love for the people and we will always carry it with us.

      Thanks for being our true friends all these past years. You encouraged and supported us, being available when we need it most and offering an example of service and right attitude. For this and for your wonderful heart, we love you!

      Mike & Dana

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